List of former Presidents of the FORUM

1. To look after welfare and also to promote interest of its members to enhance their mental and physical health.

2. To protect and promote standards of personal and professional ethics.

3. To share with the serving members of MES , the perceptions and experience of members of FEFMO. Keep liaison with parent organisation of     MES so as to maintain interaction and to exchange ideas with the serving officers and vice versa to enhance efficiency in both the streams     viz the retired officers and the serving officers.mation of interest of FEFMO including details about retiring and retired officers is maintained.

4. To promote Brotherhood and traits of concern and care among the members of FEFMO and also to extend these values amongst their families     and children.

5. To periodically issue news letters to disseminate information on subjects of interest to former MES Officers. The News Letter would cover     information on promotions/ retirements of serving officers, court cases regarding pension & pensionary benefits, in the fields of academics,     sports, fine arts and social services and matters relating to the help of members as well as matrimonial matters of their wards.

6. To help members in their physical or mental distress and to raise resources in order to help members in distress.

7. To help the members in problems relating to post retirement benefits, if any.

8. To arrange get-together with families, and minimum twice a year.

9. . For the attainment of Aims and Objects described above, the FEFMO members shall ensure that :-

   (A) Conflicts and Recriminations of any kind among themselves are avoided and the principals of 'much for the most' is adopted.

   (B) Methods adopted to achieve aims shall be peaceful and dignified.

   (C) Utmost efforts will be made to arrive at decisions by consensus. However, the principals of democratic conduct shall not be sacrificed.

   (D) Resources for constructive programmes are mobilised.

   (E) Technical symposia with emphasis on raising the morale and intellectual satisfaction level of members in every sphere of life are organised.

   (F) Liaison with parent organisation of MES with a view to get information of interest of FEFMO including details about retiring and retired         officers is maintained.