List of former Presidents of the FORUM



The idea of constituting a body of Former MES officers settled at Delhi & NCR with HQ at New Delhi was conceived by Sh. S.N.Gupta, Former Chief Engineer on 19th July, 2001.

Accordingly, a meeting of retired officers stationed in Delhi and NCR was organized on 28th July, 2001 in the office of Chief Engineer Delhi Zone which was hosted by Sh. Narender Kumar,  then Chief Engineer Delhi Zone.

This meeting was attended by the following 12 Former officers:-

  1. Shri S.R. Doraiswamy, Former CE
  2. Shri O N Razdan, Former CE
  3. Shri M.M. Mehta, Former CE
  4. Shri P.P.S Gumber, Former CE
  5. Shri S.N.Gupta, Former CE
  6. Shri K.C. Kathuria, Former Addl CE
  7. Shri R.S.Gehlawat, Former Addl CE
  8. Shri K.K.Batra, Former SE
  9. Shri S.S. Maini, Former SE
  10. Shri J.C.Mendiratta, Former SE
  11. Shri Y.K. Uppal, Former SE
  12. Shri M.T.Chandwani, Former SE

The next meeting of the above officers was held on 9th November, 2001 when the draft Byelaws and the various suggestions for the name of the Association were discussed. Then during the next meeting held on 17th November, 2001, the name of the association as “FORUM FOR EXCELLENCE FORMER MES OFFICERS” was adopted.  The constitution/Byelaws of the Association were also adopted on the same day.  The first election after adopting the constitution was held on 17th April, 2002 wherein Sh. S.N.Gupta was elected as the First President, Sh. P.P.S Gumber as Vice President and Sh. K.K.Batra as the  General Secretary of the Association.

The membership of the “FEFMO” with Bharat Pensioners Samaj was obtained in December, 2002 and the Forum is affiliated to the BPS since then.  Thereafter, it was decided to get the Forum registered with “Registrar of Societies”, Government of Delhi and the Forum was registered with it on 20th March, 2008.

The Forum applied for identification/registration with the Pensioner Association of the Pension Department of Government of India and all the documents were filed on 18th August, 2014.  The identification/registration of the Forum was approved by the competent authority of Ministry of PPG and Pensions on 7th October, 2014. By virtue of this, the Forum has started getting a financial assistance of Rs.75,000 per year, from the Government of India, to be spent in specific heads.  The first such financial assistance was allotted in January, 2015 and accordingly a computer, a printer & a UPS received through GOI.

The Forum is now a full fledged association and its membership has swelled to almost 210 in 2015 starting from 12 founder members in 2001.